Webinar - Wetlands: From Science to Action

Wetlands play a vital role in our environment, from supporting biodiversity and providing wildlife habitat to flood control and improved water quality in our lakes and rivers. Yet Southern Ontario has already lost 70% of it's original wetlands, with the situation being even more dire for Lake Erie, particularly the western end of the lake, which has lost 95% of it's wetlands.

One of the recommendations by the International Joint Commission to address algae blooms in Lake Erie, is to increase wetlands in the watershed. They recommend a 10% increase in coastal wetlands in the western basin of the lake by 2030.

Join us on Monday September 25th at 2pm ET to hear from Nandita Basu, Associate Professor of Water Sustainability and Ecohydrology at the University of Waterloo, who will present her research findings on the role of small wetlands in preventing algae blooms in water bodies. Nuisance and harmful algae blooms are a major concern, not only in places such as Lake Erie and Lake Winnipeg, but in many freshwater bodies across the country. After Nandita, Pascal Badiou of Ducks Unlimited Canada will discuss his organization’s wetlands research and how they are working to translate it into policy. Then we’ll open it up to questions from our participants.

Participation is free, but spaces are limited, so please RSVP to reserve your spot for this webinar!

September 25, 2017 at 2pm - 3pm
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