#WeAreLakeErie - are you?

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Science writer Loren Eiseley once said “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”. In a purely scientific light, water means life for all living things. That’s pretty magical on its own, but for many, the emotional connection to our water bodies is a spectacle in itself.

Across Canada, and across the planet, we experience meaningful connections with the lakes, rivers, and oceans that surround us, and many of us spend time and effort protecting them. At the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, we’ve been working hard to safeguard Canada’s freshwater; including protecting the health of Lake Erie from harmful algae blooms.

Lake Erie provides so much – drinking water, ecological services, economic and recreational opportunity – but it also has a deeper emotional connection to many, which is harder to represent in stats and figures. That’s why, last year, we helped to launch the first ever #WeAreLakeErie day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create a space where people can share their own personal connection.

Last year, on August 28th, we heard from people across the country on why they love Lake Erie, and what the lake means to them. I hope to see you do the same on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter this August 28th. Together we can amplify the message that Lake Erie is important and worth protecting for generations to come.

Want to do more to support the lake we love? Sign the petition asking the Ontario Government to enforce water protection laws.

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