From sunrise September 8th to sunrise September 9th: four swimmers are challenging themselves physically and mentally to defend what they love, Lake Erie.

Over the course of these 24 hours, accomplished open water swimmers Josh Reid, Anita Doppenberg, Michael Kenny, and Jennifer Agnew will be taking on the waters of Lake Erie. Why are they doing it? Lake Erie is under threat and something must be done - they have taken on the challenge to raise awareness and raise money!

A treasure to us all, Lake Erie is the heart of Southwest Ontario. However Lake Erie and its rivers are being plagued by numerous problems, from sewage spills, to plastics pollution, to harmful and toxic algae blooms. These issues frequently close beaches, make recreational activities dangerous, kill fish and wildlife, and even restrict access to drinking water. As swimmers, Josh, Anita, Michael and Jennifer have seen first-hand the issues that affect the lake – they know that we need to act quickly to stop the pollution before it’s too late.

During the 24-hour period, the fearless four will swim at 10 locations throughout the watershed. Each swim will be a distance of 2 to 3 kilometres. The time constraint will present a challenge for them, but they are confident that they can do it.

But our team of swimmers cannot save the lake alone. They need your help to raise the funds to ensure that our lake survives and is healthy long into the future. They have set a goal of raising $1000 each, for a total of $4000. That money will help the Lake Erie Guardians in your community defend your local rivers, streams, and the Great Lake. The challenge to protect Lake Erie is a big one, yet it is one that we can complete together. Josh, Anita, Michael and Jennifer are challenging themselves to defend Lake Erie – and they are challenging all of us too. Please donate below and join the team!


You can follow the swimmers' journey during the 24-hour period on facebook, twitter and instagram; and by following #SwimforErie.  Please sign-up here for updates, and if you are interested in volunteering!

For media inquiries, please contact Raj Gill.

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