Test Your Lake Erie Knowledge! [Quiz, Aug. 2018]. This fun and interactive quiz is a great way to get acquainted with some of the issues that impact Lake Erie and learn about some historical events of the watershed. 

Why You Should Care about Lake Erie Algae[Infographic, Mar. 2018]. Did you know that blue-green algal blooms can be harmful to the environment and the economy, and even sometimes toxic to humans and animals? This infographic lays out some of the key concerns associated with harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie. 

Wetlands: From Science to Action [Webinar recording, Sept. 2017]. Wetlands are an essential part of aquatic ecosystems. An important function they have is filtering the runoff that enters water bodies, which can improve water quality and help to prevent things like toxic algae blooms. In this webinar, Dr. Nandita Basu of the University of Waterloo and Dr. Pascal Badiou of Ducks Unlimited Canada present emerging research on the importance of small wetlands in filtering water and providing habitat. 

Comments on Ontario’s Proposal on Reducing Phosphorus to Minimize Algal Blooms in Lake Erie [Policy submission, Nov. 2016]. We provided comments to the Ontario government on their policy proposal "Reducing Phosphorus to Minimize Algal Blooms in Lake Erie (EBR# 012-8760).

Expectations for Domestic Action Plans under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement [Report, June 2016].  The Canadian Freshwater Alliance teamed up with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, Environmental Defence Canada, Freshwater Future, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, National Wildlife Federation, & Ohio Environmental Council to provide detailed recommendations to Environment and Climate Change Canada and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency encouraging the governments to do more than rely on the same approaches that have failed to protect Lake Erie in the past.

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