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Algae Forecast for 2018

Summer is here, meaning the time for swimming, fishing, and cottage weekends are upon us. Unfortunately, your favourite activities may be at risk this summer.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released this summer's forecast for harmful algae in Lake Erie, and the news isn't good. NOAA is predicting another significant algae bloom this year for Lake Erie. While forecast to be smaller than last year’s bloom, which rated an 8, this year is still predicted to be significant, rating a severity of 6.

It is important to note that the size of a bloom does not necessarily correlate with the toxicity. The 2014 bloom was relatively small but very toxic, causing 500,000 Toledo, Ohio and Pelee Island, Ont. residents to go without safe tap water for days, and unable to enjoy local beaches.

We talked to Radio-Canada about what this means for all of us who enjoy our Great Lake.

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The year's worst toxic algae bloom hits Lake Erie

The algae bloom in the western end of Lake Erie has taken off over the last two weeks, just when we thought we had gotten off relatively easy this summer.

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Kick off the unofficial last week of summer by showing your love for Lake Erie! Monday August 28th is #WeAreLakeErie day. Join us and our friends at Environmental Defence and Freshwater Future on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by sharing one of your personal Lake Erie stories or memories. Together, we will create an online tidal wave of support for Lake Erie!

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